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Our Story

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Anshul Shah, a 16-year-old high school student founded the organization in the summer vacation of class 10. Since its inception, he has been working hard to build his passion to real-life success and to bring a change in people's lives. 


Even as a child he had been an ardent reader. But for him, a book is not just a piece of paper with fine writing, instead, it is a valuable piece of knowledge with the potential to bring a real life change. His mystical journey into the environment began with the book "The Healing Power Of Forests". After reading the book, he found his understanding, perception, and personality change up from the core. He found the Miyawaki Method so powerful that he founded Vanmitra, an organization to inspire others to feel the change he felt in himself.

Anshul Shah

Founder and President

Anshul is the Chief Environmental Evangelist of the Vanmitra Ecosystems. He manages and overlooks day operations and technological aspects of the NGO and is passionate about spreading the Miyawaki Method. 

Meet The Team

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Jenil Shah

Head of Volunteer Relations

Jenil, an environmental activist,  co-founded the organization and is key to vanmitra 's proper functioning.

Sahaan Shah

Head of Marketing 

Sahaan, a nature enthusiast, is the canopy of the Vanmitra forest and overlooks management and integration of the organization

Yash Kheni

Head of Finance

Kavya Shah

Social Media In-Charge

Yash Kheni overlooks the finances of vanmitra. His daily activities include overlooking cashflows, raising money, and managing borrowing arrangements.

Kavya is vanmitra 's Social Media In-Charge handling all of vanmitra 's social media handles. Her main aim is to attract as many volunteers as possible.

The rest

Amay shah
Part of Volunteer Relations Team
Shlok shah
Part of Volunteer Relations Team
manarth mehta
Part of Event Managing Team
aatman soni
Part of Marketing Team
Shashwat patel
Part of Marketing Team
harshiv patel
Part of Volunteer Relations Team
Vihaan shah
Part of Finance Team
arhaan shah
Part of Logistics Team

Our Purpose

VanMitra is not only an organization that builds forests using the Miyawaki method but also a family of like-minded changemakers, who deeply care for the environment. Young enthusiasts working collaboratively to strive for social change and environmental preservation defines Vanmitra's purpose: " To make the people discover the significance of forests, and the instigate the desire in them to build one". Vanmitra has now grown into a community of environmental fanatics thriving to paint the city green. 

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